Tips for health and wellness

Tips for health and wellness

Health and wellness requires a positive outlook on ones well being in body, mind and spiritual. This writeup will focus on four areas ;


What you eat is what you are. Whatever we consume is what makes us what we are. If we consume junk foods and cause our bodies to be full of health problems, bad weight or unbearable weight and also allow for our bodies to be prone to sicknesses. Therefore, it is important to watch what we put into our bodies for us to maintain a healthy body.


This includes the feeding pattern and the foods consumed at different times. One should be able to know what to eat at different times of the day and also focus on a balanced meal with relevant nutrients for their bodies.
A lot of people tend to consume more of one type of food i.e. More of body building foods and they forget to include the energy giving foods thus making them look built but cannot do anything as they are weak.


Keeping fit is important and it does not mean that one kills themselves trying to loose weight or maintain their figure. This is more on wellness. Being fit means engaging in swift walks, I skipping, jogging etc and thus should be purposely to ensure that ones fitness both in mind and body.

4) Relationships

Most people tend to think that as long as they maintain a good diet and ensure they are fit that is all that’s not true. It also requires stable relationships. For example if one is in marriage that is unstable, they are bound to have issues in work performance, poor interactions with other people and stress that is bad for ones personal health.

Therefore it is important to build healthy relationships and maintain them.