Live Healthy

Tips to maintaining a healthy lifestyle

In midst of chaotic daily chores, maintaining a healthy lifestyle (birk) by eating constant healthy foods, daily exercise and finding time for complete relaxation sometimes can help you to achieve your dream. However, things can’t change in one day or in one moment; it requires patience, getting enriched with knowledge from various sources such as fitness blogs, healthcare articles etc. and a zeal to live a healthy life. Here are ten important tips that you can incorporate in your life to be full of beans.

Eat beetroot

Hectic and chaotic life leads to high blood pressure and though it sounds unusual beetroot is an excellent weapon against that disease. A study reveals that drinking 500ml of beetroot juice daily can drastically minimize the blood pressure.

Balance yourself by thinking different

Isn’t it tedious and terribly boring everyday office and come back and spend rest of the time on the sofa watching television or lie down. Just think something outside the box and get some creative enthusiasm from the inner corridors of your heart. If you are consuming ready meals, take time to cook while listening to music. You can also download movies, serials, documentaries etc. and watch instead of watching same boring and negative news channels.

Don’t eat biscuits

A study conducted by health experts has revealed that smell of cookies and chocolates makes women to the orgy for unnecessary shopping. The smells trigger a part of the brain that desires instant satisfaction, so women generally find the best way to satisfy is to maximize utilize their credit cards.

stop drinking alcohol
Alcohol has been seen to ruin the health conditions of so many people. It can affect your heart the digestive system of your body. If you stop drinking alcohol you will realize a tremendous change in your health.

Leave salt for a while

According to a study, average people consume around 9.5gm of salt every day, but it is better to cut it to 6gm because salt triggers your blood pressure and prolong consumption of high level of salt can lead to cardiovascular conditions.

Embrace sun for a sunny life

Sunshine gives a natural boost to your health. The sun rays help to produce vitamin D, which is not only essential for healthy bones but also fight against depression, heart disease, and melanin production.

One fruit per day

If you don’t like to eat fruits, think again. One of the largest studies on diet and cancer reveals that eating just one fruit a day increases the life sustainability.

Follow four easy principles

Just follow four principles: don’t smoke, daily 15 minutes workout(, avoid liquor and eat five portions of vegetables and fruits, and you will dramatically increase your life expectancy.

Steps in the right direction

A study shows that middle-aged men and women who hit 12,000 steps every day live more healthy. So, take some time out of your busy schedule and walk daily.

Laughter is the best medicine

You don’t need to enroll in any laughing club to laugh your belly out. Be positive in every situation and try to see the funny edge of it.